After painting the Sikh below, I had an idea of converting the bust to a Sikh Pirate from the 17th century, as this would not need much in the way of converting facially or need much doing to the Turban, 99% of the converting would be done to the torso/shoulders, so to show the opulence and quality of materials and braiding applied to the various garments that were stolen and worn by such pirates, I decided to create the main flat materials from magisculp with texturing applied and the braiding from various thicknesses of lead, copper and fuse wire.

JMD Sikh Bust

Hi everybody, just a little update, I wanted get seriously back into painting as this is the most enjoyable part of the Hobby, so I started looking around for a simple but slightly different looking piece and came across this little bust from JMD, A wonderfully sculpted and cast bust it comes in three parts the head and turban, shoulders and the lowest front ammunition pouch. With virtually no cleanup, the bust was in primer in 20 minutes, under a small light making sure it was totally dry before I started. 10 hours of painting over two days, now you see before you the final result. Very enjoyable indeed and a highly recommended piece for any collection.....
Well after a short period away from the brushes and putty I have decided to have a go at a couple more commercial pieces from JMD, Pegaso and Romeo
1st up is a fantasy JMD Bust, lovely little piece and worth every brush stroke this, this is nealy finished and I really enjoyed it.
Next up is the Pegaso 75mm Mounted Hussar, just started the groundwork on this one.
last but not least the Romeo 90mm Crusader, lovely figure so well engineered and sculpted
well I hope to have an update on these and other projects that are in the pipeline, fairly soon.