This is a little something I am working on for the MFCA, most of the basework has been fleshed out, just working on a barrel that I will be casting to make up a couple to place on the base, work then its onto the figure for a major conversion, the figure is the SK miniatures Spanish figure 120mm sculpted originally by Mike Good, I have so wanted to do the conversion of this piece since the figure came out....... any guesses....?

Vinegar Hill 1809 - County Wexford

Hi Guys
I have been away from the modelling side for a while, personal problems and health have stopped the progress of anything up till now. So here is my first piece back into the fray, its a little 54mm figure from Alexandros miniatures, that I have added a couple of little touches too, to give the finished figure you see to the left, comments are always welcome. As the title suggests its an Irish so called rebel from the Battle of Wexford in 1809