The Fall of Erquhart Castle

Hi Guys
Here is the almost finished Highlander, just a little bit of touching up and a little snow on the ground, The Tartan is based on a piece of Tartan found in Falkirk from about the correct time period, but it is not Clan Specific, as with most of the Tartans. I have placed the figure on a grassy hill and he is based at the time of the British taking Erquhart Castle in 1296, before the Battle of Falkirk. Let me know what you think.
Here you go a little update on this piece, I have added a texture to the Kilt/Cloak/Bedroll with spraymount spray glue and white enamel over the top, I still have a load of work to do, but have started painting it now.
Hi Guys, well this is my latest project, based on the Pegaso 75mm Highlander, I decided from the start that he was wearing decidedly too little clothing for a highlander, considering the weather up there, so I have given him a leather jerkin/shirt under his tartan bed roll/kilt, let me know what you think.