The Fall of Erquhart Castle

Hi Guys
Here is the almost finished Highlander, just a little bit of touching up and a little snow on the ground, The Tartan is based on a piece of Tartan found in Falkirk from about the correct time period, but it is not Clan Specific, as with most of the Tartans. I have placed the figure on a grassy hill and he is based at the time of the British taking Erquhart Castle in 1296, before the Battle of Falkirk. Let me know what you think.


Matabele said...

Dave, the tartan has come out well - subdued, and very much in keeping with the subject matter, and the texture looks good too. It has been good to see you ring the changes on this one with the shirt. I assume you'll take this to Aldershot - unfortunately I won't be going, my daughter has a birthday!

Matabele said...

Dave, congrats on the B.O.S at Aldershot - what piece was that for? This one?

Dave Maddox said...

Hi Mark

Thanks for that, actually it was the mamluke that took best of show, I would have expected the Samurai from Callum Talbot to have taken it really, such a lovely piece of painting.

Do you have your own blog on here mate....?

Matabele said...

Hello Dave, no, no blog for me...not as yet, anyway. Barely enough time to paint and occasionally post on The Basement ( or on your blog)!!