Hi Guys, well this is my latest project, based on the Pegaso 75mm Highlander, I decided from the start that he was wearing decidedly too little clothing for a highlander, considering the weather up there, so I have given him a leather jerkin/shirt under his tartan bed roll/kilt, let me know what you think.


Ross said...

Dave - I think it makes it look a lot better. A bare chested highlander just doesn't seem right. It'll be interesting to watch this one come along.

Matabele said...

Dave, I like the original ( Scottish weather not withstanding...) but this is a good variation - makes it different and your own.

Dave Maddox said...

Hi Ross, Thanks mate. I will put it up on the sites when I feel I have got a good result

Hi Mark, I didn’t realise you looked over my blog mate, thanks for the comments, It took me a while before I bought this because I had to think how I was going to achieve what I wanted with it, but once I had the figure it was a lot easier to visualise..