Hi Guys, here is the latest edition to my collection, a Boer from the Boer War 1899-1902, The Bitter Ender. Its a bust produced by El Greco Miniatures, Sculpted by the talented hands of Mr Carl Reid. I have included a few pictures of the master and of the painting I have done for the Box Art, I hope you like it.


Jaime said...

I have no words. I like the colours you have used to pain the fleshtosne, and the eyes are perfect.



Matabele said...

Dave, I know you probably think the eyes the best bit of paintwork here, but I still reckon the standout work is on the two bandoliers - great weathering and tones....though the eyes are pretty darn good too!

Joe said...


That is some really awesome painting! I really look forward to seeing what you paint next.