Hi Guys
Here is the first update of the juglar, I have removed the lute and added a new neck to it, the frets and strings will be added later, I have added a heavy jug from Historex, which fitted brilliantly. These images are just as a fitting together to see how it will look


Matt Springer said...

Great work on a really cool figure, Dave. Looking forward to seeing it painted. I'd love to paint this figure myself someday. I think your replacing the lute with the jug makes more sense with his hoisting his glass. Well done!


Jesús said...

Hello, Dave, I´m J.Martin from Nocturnamodels, the one who designed and painted this figure, and I want to tell you that I love this version with the jug.
Good idea!

Dave Maddox said...

Hi Matt - Thanks very much mate, this one is actually on the back burner for a while, as I am now sculpting a conversion of the Landsknecht Bust.

Hi Jesús - thank you, I appreciate your comments very much


Joel said...

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