Hi Guys
Here is the first update of the juglar, I have removed the lute and added a new neck to it, the frets and strings will be added later, I have added a heavy jug from Historex, which fitted brilliantly. These images are just as a fitting together to see how it will look

New on the bench

I am embarking on another couple of bust projects that I hope to have ready for the MFCA in 2010, they are both based on the same bust, Its the Landsknecht Bust from Yury Serebryakov, the first is the bust itself straight from the box, the second is a complete conversion of the bust to a subject close to my heart, many of you will know I am very fond of the 17th century period especially the Thirty Years War and the English Civil Wars, so this will be along the lines of this and will be super detailed. Another project that I am just starting is new figure on the market from Nocturna Models called the El Juglar, that is based on a minstrel / entertainer of about the same period if not earlier, I have converted it slightly already, removing the loot from his left hand and replacing it with a heavy jug, but still keeping the loot so it can be placed on the floor next to him or draped around his back, I haven’t made that decision as of yet. updates will follow. ALso there will be before Euro 1 or 2 painted busts to be done that will be with me very soon........

Bavarian Drummer

Hi Guys
Another update, here is another figure I have had on the go for a couple of months now, its got a couple of small finishes to be done before Euro..... The blue was the hardest thing to get right, but hopefully I am pretty close to it.

Finished commissions

Hi Guys
A quick update for you, I have been very busy on the commission front and have finished two over the last two weeks, the first being the 44th Regiment of Foot from Latorre, the second is a Mongol Bust from PiliPili, I have to admit I did prefer painting the 44th, as this is a better quality figure, but both all in all were very satisfying to finish.
Hi Guys
Sorry its been a while I have been busy with a lot of other things for El Greco Miniatures. But here is the latest figure that I have been painting this is a commission fro a Friend of mine in Austria, a great little piece from Latorre and a lovely one to paint. The figure is far from finished and should be ready before Euro Militaire.
I will put new figure as and when they come up as I wish to get on with some stuff of my own for Euro its self, so I have something to show. thanks for looking.